Speed Dating Is the Best Way to Meet Your Match

If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while and haven’t met your match, then you need to consider speed dating. It’s the perfect way to meet several people in one evening at a fun and exciting event. A good dating service that holds these events will need you to come in to join.They screen all their applicants and run a background check, so all singles are chosen very carefully. They have your best interest at heart, so don’t be offended by their policy. These events are held at classy hotels with all the bells and whistles.If you haven’t been to a speed dating event, it’s time you do. Speed dating is the fastest and best way to meet your match. The ways these events work are like this. They keep the couples in their own age group and balance out the men and women.Each female is placed at a table separately, so if there are eight women, they will be sitting at eight different tables. Each guy picks a table and spends five to fifteen minutes with his speed date. This continues until all the guys have been at each table.This gives the couple enough time to know each other a little and to find out if they like that person. They say you can tell if you like someone in less than a minute. If they don’t like them, they can move on to the next date.They are given a card to score each date’s points, their likes and dislikes. At the end of the evening the cards are gathered up and tallied. Then the matches are made and the couples are provided a phone number for an actual first date. Many singles have met the right one at speed dating events.What’s so nice is that you don’t have to spend months looking for the right person. You are meeting several different people in one evening. There have been couples that actually got married from one of these events. Most people at these events are looking for a serious relationship and that’s what the function is meant for.Speed dating is becoming very popular in the dating industry. Since everyone is picked carefully, you don’t need to worry about a one night stand because the single is looking for the same thing you are. The next time you consider a blind date, stop and think how disastrous it could be. Speed dating is the best way to meet your match and it saves you months of frustration on single blind dates.

Contemporary Furniture That Speaks Of Simplicity With Innovation

Contemporary furniture is a fresh change from the regular traditional furniture and offers more style and convenience. The simple, yet elegant and functional designs are an exemplary innovation that are full of creativity and give contemporary furniture the modern feel.The interiors of a modern house are a reflection of the lifestyle of the present age and so is contemporary furniture that is designed in accordance with the new age style. This is the modern style of furniture and it has changed the idea of heavy, bulky furniture as being luxurious and started the trend of more convenient furniture with lesser hassles.Contemporary furniture adorns all modern establishments nowadays, being the furniture of this generation. The fact is that traditional furniture looks out of place at most of the places, whether it is houses, restaurants, bars or any other place for that matter. Contemporary furniture which reflects modernity in its name itself is an integral part of modern interior designing. Modern interior designing focuses on offering more space and using creative designs that make complete use of the available space and make it look interesting. These furnitures fits the bill in this regard. Though there are endless possibilities of innovation and creativity in these furnitures and an impressive range of furniture offering great variety there are some features that are defining the characteristics of contemporary furniture.Simplicity: The time of large, heavy and luxurious furniture is gone and done with the last decade. Modern furniture has moved beyond complicated designs and simplicity is the new trend. Simplicity however does not mean that the furniture is drab. These furnitures focuses on using simple designs and highlighting the elegant shapes. When basic shapes and designs are used instead of heavily done complicated designs, the designs become more pronounced, catching attention while being soothing to the eyes.Convenience: A great feature about contemporary furniture is that it looks elegant and gives a perfect modern feel to the home without involving much maintenance. With the busy schedules of people, it is hard to pay much attention to the regular maintenance of the furniture. These furnitures offers more convenience as the materials used in modern furniture like plastic, glass, light wood, wrought iron and Italian leather, all require little maintenance. Cleaning them is very easy and the furniture sparkles like new with just a swipe. The materials used also make the furniture light and portable as compared to the heavy traditional furniture.Innovative Designs: The designs in contemporary furniture are very innovative in both the functionality as well in terms of style. While on one hand, the furniture makes full use of the available space and fulfills more than one function, at the same time the designs spell creativity. From functional designs like convertible sofa, that can be spread out to make a comfortable bed to interesting designs like a small sitting stool in the form of a playing dice, the designs are truly creative and modern.Colors: With modern contemporary furniture, it is possible to add a dash of color to the boring colors of traditional furniture. From pure white to black, brown, beige and bright shades like blue, red and orange, contemporary furniture allows the use of a variety of colors. Since, in modern interior designing there is more space with little clutter, bright colors look beautiful and attractive in the overall setting.Overall, contemporary furniture is a welcome change from traditional furniture as it is truly modern in style as well as functionality.

Health Insurance – Is it Only For the Old and the Sick?

It has become alarming that a growing number of fit and healthy people today actually think that they have nothing to do with health insurance. They exercise regularly, do not smoke or take alcohol, eat nothing but nutritious diet, and lead a healthy stress-free lifestyle. Some even convert to vegetarianism, practice yoga meditation, reiki, chi gong and other Eastern practices thought to prevent diseases and increase longevity. So who needs health insurance anyway?Sadly though, a number of these health buffs, some in the prime of their lives, suddenly get sick and die. You have probably heard of this athlete who, while jogging, just suddenly keeled over and fell dead in his running shoes. This just disproves that being healthy means being invincible to all diseases and sickness. There will always be a “chink in your armor” that infections and dread diseases can penetrate.Is health insurance only for the old and the sick?If health is wealth, then it cannot be emphasized enough that having a health insurance is definitely one of the best investment you can ever have. The famous pro-gun slogan “It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” can very well hold true for health insurance.Health insurance has become one of the hot issues that often spark debates and controversies. Each individual has his or her own opinion as to who should get medical insurance. As was stated above, the healthy and the strong believe they don’t need health insurance anymore. The sober truth is nobody is born with a crystal ball to gaze into their future. Nobody can foretell the time and circumstance when they will get sick and require medical attention.Another problem is that uninsured healthy people have the tendency to miss health checkups and regular physicals that provide advance detection of dread diseases, abnormalities and malignancies that could be silently spreading in their system. This can lead to disastrous consequences.What are the benefits of health insurance?This popular type of insurance safeguards you and your family from sudden medical emergencies that could lead to financial crisis. A well-chosen health insurance plan can provide some financial security and save you from a lot of worries if and when urgent medical care should arise.This insurance makes cash available to pay for the various medical expenses and health care requirements covered by the policy. It also covers disability expenses and long-time health care requirements like in-house nurses and caregivers. This means you get immediate and complete health care as compared to uninsured individuals.How does health insurance maintain your health?One misconception about this type of insurance is that it is ONLY a way of settling medical bills in case you became sick or got injured. While this is true, it is only a part of the many benefits of health insurance and not the whole. This type of insurance not only insures your health; it ensures it.Keeping you in perfect health not only helps keep the cost of health care at a minimum. It can make health insurance premiums low and within reach of everyone. Health insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield know the value of keeping you healthy. They are also aware that keeping you in good shape eventually saves them a lot of money.Health insurance companies have various ways to make you aware of the benefits of staying healthy. One of them is through educating the public by means of available online materials and information. They make the public the public aware that smoking kills, that obesity leads to heart complications, that wearing protective gear lessens the damage of accidents or that stressful living leads to a shorter life span.

ISO/TS 16949 – The Cornerstone of Successful Automotive Supply Industries

The billion dollar automotive industry is rapidly evolving owing to the increasing demand and population. Of course like other industries, this industry also needs to conform to a quality management standard for it’s smooth operations. Automotive supply organizations that produce parts and sub-parts, process materials, sub-assemblies, etc., as well as service providers to OEM manufacturing locations need to comply with this management standard.Created by the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) and technical committee of ISO, TS16949 is a quality management tool that focuses on continuous improvement by minimizing variations and waste in the supply chain.TS 16949 principles are applicable throughout the supply chain management process within organizations of the automotive sector. It also applies to the functions like designing & development, production, installation, and service of automotive parts and related parts. Based on the ISO 9001 standard, TS 16949 aims to systematize country- specific regulations of QMS (Quality Management System). Since the OEM’s had asked many suppliers to build and certify their QMS in accordance with the rules and regulations specific to their country organizations like VDA of Germany, AIAG of North America, AVSQ of Italy, FIEV of France, and SMMT of UK, the urgency for harmonization was thereby accelerated.How can these organizations benefit from TS 16949 registration?1) Continuous improvement: The first and foremost advantage of being TS 16949 certified is undoubtedly the continuous improvement as well as communication via process approach.2) Credibility: Your market value is enhanced as you’re perceived to be an organization that is aware of, understands, and is committed to practices that symbolize quality in every action and never settles for just average.3) Enhanced product quality and reliability as well as improved on-time delivery.4) Provides a competitive edge by placing your business in the elite category of businesses.5) More emphasis on quality improvement efforts of suppliers.6) When customer specific requirements are fulfilled, it prompts the audit process of TS 16949 to comply with the automotive mandates of IATF members globally.7) Cuts down the need for a third party registration on a geographic basis.8) During regular surveillance visits, the IATF approved registrar for TS 16949 enables organizations to automatically upgrade from QS-9000, VDA 6.1, etc.9) Consistent audit performance: As the auditors of TS 16949 need to undergo an exhaustive training, testing and re-qualification measures to meet the stringent qualification criteria, your organization is rest assured to have undergone a consistent quality auditing process.10) Cost savings: Nonconformities in products can be significantly reduced with a TS 16949 certification. After all, prevention always costs less than detection in terms of time and money.Conclusion: More than 1/3rd of the existing automobile manufacturers globally have complied with the terms and regulations of TS 16949. The figures are slowly rising in proportion to the awareness of the many benefits attached to it.